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" There is not to be found in all the Gospels a Single recorded statement of an Eyewitness to the effect that Jesus was dead when he was taken down from the cross or when he was placed in the Tomb.
Moreover, none of the disciples was present at the scene of Crucifixion, all having fled when Jesus was taken to Calvary. The fact of the case seems to be that, presumably due to the dream of his wife
"to have nothing to do with that just man," Pilate had believed Jesus to be innocent and had, therefore, conspired with Joseph of Arimaethia, a respected member of the Essene Order to which Jesus himself
belonged before he was commissioned as a Prophet, to save his life.The trial of Jesus took place on Friday, Pilate having purposely prolonged it, knowing that the next day being the Sabbath Day, the
condemned persons could not be left on the Cross after sunset. When at last he found himself compelled to condemn Jesus, Pilate gave his judgment only three hours before Sunset, thus making himself sure that no person of normal health could die in such a short time by remaining on the cross.
He took additional care to see that Jesus was given wine or vinegar mingled with myrrh to render him less sensitive to pain. When after three hours' suspension he was taken down from the cross in an
unconscious state (probably under the influence of vinegar which was administered to him), Pilate readily granted Joseph of Arithmetic's request and handed over his body to him. Unlike those of the two
malefactors who were hung along with Jesus, his bones were NOT broken and Joseph had him placed in a spacious room hewn in the side of a rock. There was no medical autopsy, no stethoscope test, no inquest with the aid of the evidence of those who were last with him."
("Mystical life of Jesus" by H. Spencer Lewis).


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