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There was a time when the circumstances surrounding the crucifixion of Hadhrat Jesusas was a matter of great debate between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadi Muslims.
Whereas Ahmadi Muslims believe Hadhrat Jesusas was a prophet who died like all other human beings, a great majority of Muslims held the view that Hadhrat Jesusas was taken to Heaven by Allah and a Jesus-look-alike was crucified by the Jews instead.
Few non Ahmadi scholars today like to raise the topic of the death of Hadhrat Jesusas. To most it has become a non issue. They would rather vigorously propound their interpretation of khatam nabiyyin. It has become the "flavor of the month" so to speak. The majority of Muslims appear to be indifferent or just plain uninterested.
A more interesting change in the attitude of Muslim scholars has been in the total abandonment of the belief that Hadhrat Jesusas is alive in Heaven. Only recently I ordered books from the Juma Masjid in Toronto, the largest non-Ahmadi Mosque in Toronto. One book entitled "Myth of the Cross" by Al Hajj Ajijola gave full support to the Ahmadiyya view that Hadhrat Jesusas died a natural death. Similarly, well known Muslim scholars such as Ahmed Deedat back the Ahmadiyya position on Hadhrat Jesusas. Moreover, several commentaries of the Quran from Egypt, one of them endorsed by Al Azhar, now interpret the verses regarding the death of Hadhrat Jesusas as Ahmadis do.
A four part series of articles on the death of Hadhrat Jesusas, based on the Quran, the Hadith, and books of history is presented.
Dr. Tahir Ijaz, M.D.


This series of postings was written by Dr. Tahir Ijaz, M.D. and posted to various newsgroups.


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